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Pick-up: One of the key benefits of choosing Arrow Rock & Stone is their convenient and professional pick-up service. Our highly trained and experienced staff will assist you in the loading of your personal vehicle using our professionally maintained equipment and properly calibrated scales. Also, unlike other companies there is no minimum load charge or cost to load your vehicle.

Warning: we use industry leading equipment and highly trained staff to load you vehicle but as with any loading operation you must accept responsibilty of any damage that may be caused during this process.

Please Note: One ton of rock is a very small pile - approximately about a bath tub full. Typically, one regular size pickup truck (like a F-150) will hold one ton. You will get about 6-12 wheel barrow's out of a ton depending on the rock size, wheel barrow size, and your strength.

Delivery: Arrow Rock & Stone can deliver your purchased product. Delivery charges apply and are subject to change - call for details.


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